Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweet And Sour Sauce for Canning

Okay so if you have an over abundance of tomatoes and you are not in the mood for salsa try this fabulous recipe out. Thanks to a friend "JEAN" for sharing this recipe. I used my food processor to chop the onions and tomatoes I left the green peppers in bigger chunks for all the great flavor but the ability for picky eaters to remove them .

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MANDARIN SAUCE for canning  (A great sweet & sour sauce)
8C. blended tomatoes (wash blanch and peel them, throw in the blender
3 C. chopped tomatoes (peeled and chopped, added mostly for texture)
4 C. chopped onions 
4 C. green peppers 
2-20oz. cans pineapple tidbits (save the juice to mix with the thickener)
5 C. sugar
8 TB. soy sauce
3 C. vinegar
1 C. Clear jell or ultra-jell 
1 C. cold water (to mix with thickener)
Put all ingredients together except pineapple juice and water and 
cornstarch.  Heat in large pan to boiling, stirring frequently.  
Gradually add the juice, water and clear jell/ultra jell that you have mixed 
together in a separate bowl.  Cook until thickened, stirring 
continually.  Fill your sterile canning jars, leaving 1/2" headspace.  
Put on lids tightly.  Process 35 minutes in water-bath canner. 
For a quick meal heat up with some cut-up leftover meat and heat until nice and 
hot, serve over rice, and add some crunchy Chinese noodles if you want. It works well
with any sweet and sour dish. 


E and T Macdonald said...

Thanks for the great recipe! I've been looking for other ways to use all the tomatoes. Very tasty!

Anonymous said...

I made a double batch of this Mandarin Sauce and Wow it is great.. 30 pints later I am tired.. but so thankful.. have you ever tried to cann this with meatballs in it?? Also. I canned it with the water bath.. my worry is the tomatoes and onions in it, aren't they supposed to be pressure canned?? Thanks, Susan

Toni said...

According to my county extension agent, you only have to pressure cook salsa, etc. if the amount of peppers and onions exceeds the amount of tomatoes. Otherwise the tomatoes are acidic enough to make using a water bath safe.